Self Esteem

What is it?

Self-image is the picture we have of ourselves, how we feel and think about who we are. Self-esteem is how satisfied we are with the image we hold of ourself, whether it is negative or positive.

Self-esteem includes the need for self-acceptance, self-respect, self-confidence, self-trust, self-reliance and self-worth.

Do I have a self-esteem problem?

Ask yourselves a couple of questions in order to assess your own level of self-esteem:

  1. Are you easily hurt by criticism?
  2. Are you very shy or overly aggressive?
  3. Do you try to hide your feelings from others?
  4. Do you fear close relationships?
  5. Do you try to blame your mistakes on others?
  6. Do you find excuses for refusing to change?
  7. Do you avoid new experiences?
  8. Do you continually wish you could change your physical appearance?
  9. Are you too modest about personal successes?
  10. Are you glad with others fail?

If you answered most of these questions with a “yes” your self-esteem could need a review.

  1. Do you accept constructive criticism?
  2. Are you at ease meeting new people?
  3. Are you honest and open about your feelings?
  4. Do you value your closest relationships?
  5. Are you able to laugh at (and learn from) your own mistakes?
  6. Do you notice and accept changes in yourself as they occur?
  7. Do you look for and tackle new challenges?
  8. Are you confident about your physical appearance?
  9. Do you give yourself credit when credit is due?
  10. Are you happy for other when they succeed?

If you answered most of these questions with a “yes” you probably have a healthy image of yourself.

What can I do now?

Self-esteem is it is a product of learning, it is learnt through interactions with other people and their responses and attitudes towards you. Therefore, it can be unlearned, relearned or changed and we can all be taught to have a positive self-image but it does take a lot of effort and hard work but it is all worth it in the end. A lot of people will have tried to change their self-esteem and self-image but you are not making any progress or the progress that you would like to see, then consider seeking help from an external source whether it be a close friend or a professional.