Financial Stressors at Xmas Time


People can become anxious and disheartened with the financial pressures of this time of the year. Making suggestions such as conducting a Secret Santa where everyone buys just the one gift, or making your own gifts, or being prepared and lay buying gifts in order to spread the cost over several weeks are good ways of overcoming some of these financial strains.

Being open and online casino honest with family members about your inability to afford gifts for everyone this year due to unforeseen circumstances is always better than saying nothing and feeling guilty.

Lastly, children are more resilient than we give them credit for and often they are just as happy with a smaller less expensive gift than we think they will be. It’s the whole package that makes it special, such as reading and talking about Santa the evening before, reminding kids that they need to be in bed for Santa to come, and helping the kids to prepare and  leave milk and cookies out for Santa that add to the excitement of Xmas for kids.


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