What happens in a session?

You phone our office to make an appointment. Sessions are available during working hours, some evenings and on some Saturdays. You attend one of our offices (Ashgrove or Indooroopilly) at the appointed time and you will spend about fifty minutes talking to one of our trained psychologists. Our counsellor will listen as you explain your reason for attending. They will then clarify your particular issue and offer insight into why the issue is occurring and how it might be resolved. The psychologist may give you some exercises to try between sessions, they may also give or loan you some reading material or an explanatory video to watch.

What if I can’t make it to one of your offices?

We offer telephone sessions for those who can’t get in to one of our offices. Phone our receptionist to arrange a telephone session. We also offer online or smart phone video sessions using Skype or FaceTime. Again phone our receptionist to arrange one of these. Payment will be required at the time of booking.

Can my doctor refer me?

Psychology services can be referred by your GP. Referrals must be accompanied by a Mental Health Plan (item 2710) in order for rebates to be paid through Medicare. We can process the Medicare rebate immediately if you bring in your Medicare card and your debit card (Medicare does not refund directly to credit cards). For those requiring psychological services without a medical practitioner’s written referral, your health insurer will usually provide a rebate. You should check with your health insurer to find out the details of any rebates. Clients concerned to minimize out-of-pocket expense are best advised to obtain a doctor’s referral for treatment until the maximum number of sessions per calendar year are used (normally 12). Then, if further treatment is required, you should claim payments through your health fund. Health funds generally rebate less than Medicare.